Sunday, August 24, 2008

What a fun day! Seeing the Wiggles!

Ok, yes, I am being facetious here. Oy! What a long day.

After being woken up with a kick to my kidneys somewhere around 6am (yes, O crawled into our bed again. I am a bad, bad mother for not getting up and making her go back to her room, so sue me. It was 1:30am, I had just gotten to sleep and was desperately trying to stay there. But already I digress.) So, needless to say I get woken up and can't get back to sleep so I end up going downstairs to check my email and see what was going on in the world.

Around 7, little O comes down and does her usual crying and fussing on the landing of the stairs, in the process waking up the whole house because I won't cave in to her antics and go pick her up. The child is four. I am ten feet away on the computer. She can walk over to me. I try my best to ignore her, but the whining and crying has a way of grinding on a person's nerves, you know.

8:30 and I am having to get my husband, D up out of bed to tell him to get ready for church if we are going. Well, to Sunday School that is. And since we have the one and only copy of the video series we've been doing in class currently in our possession, we pretty much have to. Somehow we manage to get everyone dressed, hair combed, and all the rest and end up over at church around 9:45. Late, but not too horribly late. Thankfully the rest of our Sunday school class seems to follow a similar schedule. Then off to the 11:00 church service and then staying around for a few more minutes after to help to clean up the sanctuary (our SS class was helping with that during the month of August...and of course I won't point out that while the idea was not our own, somehow my husband and I ended up being the only ones who did it every single week. But I am not pointing that out, right? Right.)

Race to get home and change clothes and get lunch before I have to take O off to the Wiggles show. In my usual brilliance, I failed to realize the concert was at 5pm and not 1:30 like I had apparently written on my calendar, and so all the racing around and trying to get all this stuff done, including having to go get cash so I could pay yet more money just to park the damn car - is all for naught. Around 1:15, as I am frantically racing around, trying to get cash out, trying to figure out the best route to drive at a breakneck speed so I won't be 20 minutes late, all the while thinking I am so screwed, I look down at the tickets (which of course have to fall off the seat when I reach for them!) hoping that maybe it says the show starts at 2 instead of 1:30. 5pm. WTF?! Are you serious!?


Turn around and go back home and of course by this time little O is now crying and upset we aren't going to see the Wiggles. I tell her we are going in a little while, that Mommy messed up the time, that the Wiggles aren't even there yet, but none of that seems to matter. In the end, I have to go by the grocery store to pick up some "Pink Cookies" so I can bribe my already out of sorts 4yr old with sugar. Good idea, right? Right.....

Get home and at this point I am thinking I need a beer! I don't partake of course, but I do go up to my room to try to chill out for a few, leaving O to her Daddy so I can try to calm myself down.

Eventually get to the Wiggles and O drives me nuts the entire time. The child won't sit still. Now granted, it's a kids show and there is supposed to be alot of dancing and singing and jumping going on. And there is, but not by my child. Oh no. She has to climb all over my knees and lap. Up and down and up and down and left and right and right and left. I swear I have a rash on my knees and thighs now from it!

And the Wiggles. Well, that was interesting. Do you ever have one of those moments when you look at a grown man bouncing around on a stage in ridiculous costumes and think he looks like some crazy idiot? I don't know. I was torn between looking at it all with a twisted sense of perverse horror and humor to sometimes finding myself checking out the Blue Wiggle. Hmm, he was sorta cute now, wasn't he? As the guys all made their rounds coming by I realized how old some of them were starting to look. The Blue Wiggle has gray hair! Well, despite that, he's still pretty cute and in awesome shape, so at least that gave me something to look at (well at least when not staring at the fruity tooty hats and 3 foot bell bottoms they were wearing at times. )

I don't know. Sometimes I feel like I've grown up too much. Lost the fun. I mean, who really cares if a 40 year old man wants to run around in a tight blue jump suit and go hopping and dancing around a stage?

And of course, she falls asleep on the way home. Oh, greeeeeat! Does this now mean she'll wake up once home and not go back to sleep until midnight? Most likely. At least that is what usually happens after such an occurance. I stuck to my guns though and made her wake up and eat dinner when we got home. By 9 she was asleep, so all in all, not too bad. Of course....that being said, she's already out of her bed and in my own, left leg swinging up and out over the covers to smack down over the top of my right even as I type this out on my laptop. :sigh: When will I learn? When will I have the patience and fortitude (and enough sleep) to cure her of this dreaded behavior?

Oh well, another problem for another time I suppose. Maybe one of these days....

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Mary Anne said...

OMG! One of my coworks went to see the Wiggles in G'boro this past weekend and said the exact same thing about the blue Wiggle! I'll have to go check them out now :-)