Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Feeds issue

I think some of the issues have been resolved, but for some reason, if you try to select the ATOM feed, it may cause some problems or not be working quite right. Everything else seems to be ok.

I also added functionality for those of us who are Feed challenged (and aren't even really sure what Feeds are and what RSS means and ATOM.) Anyway, if you scroll down, on the right hand side there is a new option to input your email and subscribe that way. Basically what happens is that you will get an email from (the Feed subscription) every time I add something new to the blog. This way you don't have to check on the blog itself to see if anything new has been added or not, you will receieve an automatic notifcation that is has happened.

Hope this helps. If anyone is still having problems, please leave me a comment or drop me an email to let me know.

Thanks so much!

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